Valentine’s Week: The Days of Celebrating Love!

February 14 – the Valentine’s Day, every year, this is one of the most treasured days for people in love. People all around the world celebrate this joyous occasion with their loved ones. Cherishing their infinite moments and remembering their journey together, this is the occasion wherein they express their passion and gratitude for one another.

This festivity begins from a week prior to it. Each day celebrates love in the form of a precious token. Let us see these days in detail and understand its purpose.

  1. Rose Day:

The Valentine’s week begins with the Rose Day. Celebrated on 7th February every year, this day is celebrated to make the other person know how you feel. Different colors of roses are presented, which symbolize different feelings.

  • Red symbolizes passionate and romantic feelings.
  • Orange is for the desire to understand someone better.
  • Yellow is for the people whom you care about.
  • White is the sign for purity and secrecy.
  • Lavender is when you fall in love at the first sight.
  • Pink symbolizes gratitude and admiration.
  1. Propose Day:

As the name suggests, this day is for people who propose their love interests and commence their beautiful relationship. It is celebrated on 8th February every year. With many sweet and unique ideas, people express their deep love for one another and begin the roller coaster ride!

  1. Chocolate Day:

9th February each year is one of the best days of the valentine week and an absolute paradise for people with a sweet tooth. The couple gift one another with chocolates and hope their love remains sweet forever.

  1. Promise Day:

This is celebrated on 10th February. This day, the couple makes vows and promises to each other. No matter how significant or trifling the promises are, they strengthen the bonds of love and consolidate their relationship to another level of sincerity.

  1. Teddy Day:

Since teddy bears are a universal favorite, the partners gift each other teddy soft toys or teddy souvenirs to let them know that this teddy will always remind them of their love. Celebrated on 11th February, the presence of the teddy will tell them that they will forever be with each other even if there are distances apart.

  1. Hug Day:

This day, you can actually hug your partner and tell him/her how immensely you love them and express love, which is beyond words.

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